Sunday, August 10, 2014

Travelogue – grumble

A good chunk of today didn't go well. I had mentioned that when I arrived in Montreal I put my car in the B&B owner's garage. When leaving today we agreed that I would vacate the room but leave the car until 2:30. He even charged me $5 for the extra time (which I had noted somewhere). So I went off to a museum, a CD store (don't have those in Detroit anymore), and lunch. I was back well before 2:30. He wasn't there. I searched through the house. As time wore on I tried opening the garage door, then went to the drawer where he had pulled out my room key and hauled them all out. There were 40 keys. None were marked garage (not plainly marked at all), so I took all of them out to the garage and tried them. None worked. I finally settled in the sitting room and waited, hoping I didn't finish the book I was reading.

He showed up at 4:30. I said he had agreed to 2:30. Then he blamed me – “Well you should have called.” On what phone? To what number? Yes, I'm traveling with my Dad's phone, but that was in my luggage and locked in the garage beside the car. He implied the phone in the house wasn't connected (not that I tried). The arguing got heated. He said he had enough of me and wasn't going to do my car any favors whenever I returned (not that I would stay there again). I threatened a bad review (which is still to be done). And the key … was in his pocket.

I later pieced together that his bit about 4:30 was because a second guest had left a backpack behind to pick it up at 4:30. I saw that guy come in while I sat. The owner was late for him too. His backpack wasn't behind a locked door.

Of course, I left Montreal a couple hours later than I intended. Not much radio left me brooding most of the way. Total miles to Quebec was 120, almost 2 hours (the speed limit translates to 62 mph, but when I drive 70 lots of people pass me). I looked for supper in Three Rivers (yeah, it really goes by a French name), but chose the wrong exit and then missed the one that might have had better prospects. Between there and Quebec there aren't many traveler services and the few there are are fast (non)food. Then I discovered my travel instructions (I wrote them) weren't quite correct. I thought Highway 40 would end and become Highway 440. Instead, without mentioning 440 it turned, so I turned with it. Somewhere along there I saw a shopping district and got off, but found there was no link between the service drive on my side and the shopping on the other side. When I found Highway 440 West I got concerned. When I saw signs for the waterfall I knew was east of the city and could see it behind me. I turned around. At least I've seen the falls (or at least the top part).

But now my hard-to-read map and my instructions were no good. I circled around the lower city and finally found a road up. I circled around there for a while (lovely collection of narrow, one-way streets) and was about ready to ask someone when I noticed it's … right here.

The desk clerk noted I arrived (well after 8:00) a couple hours after I said I was. I brought stuff up to the room, then moved the car to the parking structure a couple blocks away. Though quite hungry I didn't want to sit in a restaurant at 9:00 at night, so went back to the room and raided the peanut butter.

This room is much nicer (and a lot more normal) than what I had in Montreal. But it isn't much bigger. I still don't have enough space to open the big suitcase.

Though the museum I saw this morning – the McCord Museum – was recommended there didn't seem to be all that much to it. I probably would have done better with another choice. The day wasn't a total loss. Lunch was yummy and I bought a couple CDs (and someday I'll be able to hear them).

I want to tell you all about the enjoyable stuff that happened yesterday, but it is getting late. I hope it doesn't become a missing day in my travelogue.

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