Thursday, February 17, 2011

American business without American workers

A proposal coming from the City Hall in Nashville wants to make it easier on gay people. The city wants its contractors to abide by its own non-discrimination policy.

A proposal coming from the State Capitol in Nashville would prohibit cities within the state from enacting their own non-discrimination policies. Yup, that would strip gay protections from the Nashville city policy.

The Calif. marriage case has been tossed to the state Supremes to for them to decide if the anti-gay forces are allowed to bring the case before the 9th Circuit when the state attorney general declines to do so. The Calif. Supremes have now decided to take that question and won't have an answer before November. Which means the 9th Circuit case is on hold until then.

At the same time bills are being introduced in the Calif. Assembly to (1) require the AG to support a law being challenge, even if the AG thinks the law is bad and, (2) allow the groups who get a citizen's initiative approved by voters to take it before higher courts if the initiative is overturned. Alas, I don't have a link.

Can't find work? Robert Kuttner in Huffington Post says it is because American corporations no longer need American workers. The big guys are hiring -- overseas. Some of the reasons:

* The American economy is still floundering, but the GOP is out to make sure there is no more stimulus of any kind and Obama, with his recent budget is apparently conceding the point.

* Though German companies insist on producing things at home (and their economy is doing just dandy), Obama wants to play nice with American companies and won't propose any policies against shipping jobs overseas.

* The Chinese government has made American businesses an offer they won't refuse. They get government subsidies and docile workers, even if they have to give up trade secrets which allow Chinese companies to replace the Americans. But the Americans have adapted just fine.

* The service economy that is replacing manufacturing pays lousy wages.

Kuttner says the Dems lost in 2010 because they are unwilling to challenge the corporate business model that doesn't like American workers.

Yikes! A bill introduced into the South Dakota House would redefine justifiable homicide to include causing death while resisting an attempt to murder an unborn child. Need a translation? Killing an abortion provider is just fine with us.

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