Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Evidence disproving kids damaged by gay parents

The Iowa House passed an amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions. The vote was 62-37. It goes to the Iowa Senate, which is Dem controlled and the Senate leader vows to prevent a vote. Even if passed, both House and Senate must approve it again in 2013 before it goes before voters.

A lot of people showed up for testimony, both for and against. It is several hours long so I didn't watch the whole thing. But the speech of one young man is making the internet rounds. He is Zach Wahls, 19 year old college student. He testified that he was raised by a lesbian couple. From how passionate and articulate he is one can easily see his mothers did a fine job raising him, disproving the claim that kids are damaged by having gay parents. Alas, 62 lawmakers heard the evidence and voted against him anyway. The video is 3 minutes long.

I've been annoyed by the way Newsweek has portrayed gays (or praised our opponents) lately. They just made up for most of those sins. The latest issue has a wonderful story by Andrew Solomon, a gay man, and his adventures in creating a modern family. Andrew's partner John was sperm donor for Laura and Tammy, producing Oliver and Lucy who are raised by the women. Andrew was sperm donor for Blaine, producing little Blaine. Blaine later married Richard. Laura agreed to be the surrogate for an embryo created from Andrew's sperm an a donated egg, producing George who lives with John and Andrew. One needs a diagram to keep them all straight (which the print version, at least, provides). Because Andrew grew up being told gays can't have kids, he is delighted to be raising George and be a papa to three others. A sweet story. Check out the photo gallery connected to the article.

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  1. I did need a diagram! Great article though by Andrew Solomon. I do love a good modern family tale.