Monday, February 28, 2011

Lighting a fire

I wrote last week about Hawaii approving a civil union bill. Here's a bit of history why that is important. Only 20 years ago (1991) three same-sex couples sued for marriage licenses. Early court decisions were in our favor.

This lit a fire in gay minds. We hadn't thought such a thing was remotely possible. We hadn't considered our relationships could ever be equal in law to our straight counterparts. We were conditioned to our own inferiority. But the marriage equality movement was born.

Alas, it also lit the fire in the anti-gay activists. Catholics and Mormons were out front to get voter approval on the first state constitution amendment. This one said the legislature could define marriage. The anti-gay forces soon saw the loophole in that law and by the time of the big push against us in 2004 the ban was written into the amendment itself.

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