Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've fallen behind in my recruiting

Rob Tisinai of Box Turtle Bulletin pulls out an old hoary argument sometimes used by Fundies: "If everyone were gay the human race would die out."

Yeah, we know the argument is stupid. But many Fundies actually believe we have the recruitment tools to turn the whole world gay and that we're evil enough to make the attempt. And they're quaking in their boots. All that based on the fallacy that being gay is a choice and that conversion therapy works.

So what does one do with such a silly claim? First, keep in mind the part of the argument that is assumed, "Therefore being gay is bad."

Tisinai gets the comeback lines going with, "If everyone spent their days finding a cure for cancer, nobody would have time to grow food and the human race would die out. Therefore finding a cure for cancer is bad."

The responders added a few more.

* If everyone was celibate, as St. Paul recommends, then the human race (or at least Christianity) would die out. Therefore being celibate is bad. What, Christians would have to recruit?

* If everyone were gay the human race would be just fine because being gay doesn't mean infertile. Elton John is now a father. In addition, all those kids would be wanted. There wouldn't be any little accidents running around.

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