Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sneaking around something so important

One day after I posted a long article about a looming environmental catastrophe I heard on NPR about progress. Sort of. Last night Obama gave a speech saying we need to switch our electrical production to 80% clean sources -- Yay! -- by 2035. Um, dude, that's not going to make it. The Earth Policy Institute says we must do that by 2020. Meaning, in 9 years, not 24.

The story went on to say Obama is pushing this as a jobs creation bill. He and his admin are being very quiet about the environmental aspects. Has the GOP so poisoned the debate that we have to sneak around the most important issue of our civilization? Apparently so. That letter I sent to Congresscritters needed a bit of tweaking before being sent to one more person. Perhaps you can do the same. Alas, the White House website requires messages to be less than 2500 characters, so I had to do some trimming.

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