Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unusual musical inspiration

About a week ago the Boston Modern Orchestra Project gave a concert that included a piece featuring two solo bassoons. While rather cool, that isn't enough reason to write about it. This is: It takes its title from and musically describes the Full Faith and Credit section of the US Constitution, the one that means each state must honor the marriages from other states (among other things). I'll let a reviewer take it from here:

The title reflects Harold Meltzer’s background as a lawyer as well as a composer, and refers to Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, stipulating that laws and judgments enacted in one US state or territory must be respected by the others. The concept may seem arcane, but it is rather crucial at a time when a few states allow gay marriage and many more do not. The composer writes:

The seven sections of Full Faith and Credit were conceived originally as program music about gay weddings and the subsequent reception of the married couples in parts of the country perhaps less friendly to homosexuality. Different aspects of Americana appear in veiled and not-so-veiled ways throughout the piece. The double concerto… scrambles the order of the ‘program’ into abstract music.

Each movement has a descriptive title: Rugged, Homespun, Blistering, Viscous, Genteel, Hymn, and Rugged (an abbreviated recap of the first movement).

The review is by Miss Music Nerd.

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  1. Thanks for the quote & link! It was a really good piece, and Meltzer is a very interesting composer. His music is somewhat cerebral, yet still lively.

    This was the first piece I'd heard of that was inspired by the gay marriage issue, though I'm sure there are many more. :)