Thursday, February 24, 2011

The hate is growing

According to the quarterly report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of hate groups in the country has topped 1000, up 7.5% in the last year and up 66% since 2000. 35 of these groups are in Michigan. There are three broad categories of groups:

* General hate groups that target race (Klan, neo-Nazi, white nationalist, neo-Confederalist, black separatists), ethnicity, sexual minorities, and immigrants. It also includes those who deny the Holocaust.

* Patriot groups who see the federal government as their enemy based on conspiracy theories. This category has grown the fastest.

* Nativist Extremist groups that go beyond advocating for tough immigration laws to harassing suspected immigrants.

A lot of the ideas of these groups have been pulled into the mainstream (want to guess by who?). In the past that has reduced the number of these groups and their level of violence. That hasn't happened this time. The violence level has increased.

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  1. 1. There is no legal definition for “hate group,” which is why even the FBI does not track “hate groups.”

    2. The SPLC uses the deliberately meaningless term “hate groups” in its fund-raising propaganda precisely because it allows them to denigrate their perceived opponents without accusing them of any actual crimes.

    3. The “Hate Map” is a fund-raising tool, nothing more. It provides no information whatsoever on the alleged groups, in fact, the SPLC didn’t even bother to make up locations for 262 of the groups; that’s 26% of the total.

    In many states the percentage of phantom "groups" runs as high as 80-100%. Many of the alleged “groups” are listed twice in the same location.

    4. Since the SPLC is the sole arbiter of the meaningless “hate groups” label, AND because SPLC fund-raising is directly tied to creating the illusion of an ever-increasing threat, it is in their direct financial interest to raise the numbers each year.

    Last year the SPLC took in $31 million donor-dollars in donations and earned $26 million in interest on its bloated “Endowment Fund.” That’s $57 million dollars for last year alone. Since 2003, the SPLC has taken in more than a third of a BILLION dollars in tax-free cash, and yet the number of “hate groups” always goes up.

    5. The most ironic (read: "hypocritical") thing about the Southern Poverty Law Center is that NOT ONE of its top ten, highest paid executives is a minority.

    In fact, according to the SPLC's hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King's home church, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power in its entire 40 year history.

    Some "experts"