Monday, February 21, 2011

Stirring up trouble that others have to live with

Maggie Gallagher and her National Organization for Marriage were in Maryland to try to "prove" the locals don't want gay marriage and New Hampshire to claim the marriage law should be rescinded in spite of overwhelming support.

That prompted Clarknt67 (his real name is floating around the internet somewhere) of the blog Pam's House Blend to comment on how nonsensical her bleatings are and also document the damage her bullying has been doing around the country.

NOM meddled in the Iowa Supreme Court confirmation vote. Iowans, not Maggie, have to live with the decisions that no longer have the influence of three level-headed justices.

NOM refuses to follow campaign finance reporting laws, forcing every state they've worked in to spend money to prosecute them. NOM just lost a case in Maine. Expect failure to comply.

Maggie stirs up trouble in state after state, but then she doesn't have to live with the consequences.

NOM's vitriol is damaging to the psyches of gay people across the country.

On the good side, one Maryland state senator took a good look at Maggie's tactics, comments, and record. He decided he didn't want to be associated with demonizers and bullies and switched to support marriage equality.

Does Maggie personally hate gays? Does that question matter? She gets paid well.

I wrote a couple days ago about Tom Krattenmaker's view that Fundies have a choice of abandoning their anti-gay battles or be branded has haters (though a bit late for that…). Clarknt67 responds by saying don't hold your breath. There's too much money in it.

Theology might provide the foundation for their side of the debate. But being rabidly anti-gay is big business. Who would they demonize if not gays?

"A large part of their business model is built on ginning up fear, hatred and outrage about the gay agenda, and then of course, asking the hateful and ignorant for funds to help stop it. They are in the fortunate position to be able to manufacture a market for the very product they are selling."

Alas, these groups -- NOM, Family Research Council -- are frequently called to provide "balance" whenever a TV commentator runs a story about gays. They're certainly a lot more entertaining than bland pronouncements from spineless lawmakers.

"And in this way, Maggie Gallagher wins, even when she loses. Sure, Maryland may pass marriage equality anyway, despite her appearance before the Senate to argue against it. And we may scuttle the effort to repeal equality in New Hampshire. But she now has something to report back to her fans and followers. She went and fought the good fight. She got an audience with the decision makers, even in a state she doesn't reside! She's a real player! She could really stop gay marriage next time, if you just open up your wallet and give more. Please give more." (emphasis in the original)

They'll give up when their position is no longer financially viable. Just remember it is still financially viable for the anti-abortion crowd to do the same thing 40 years after Roe v. Wade.

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